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in'tegrate v.t. 1. to bring, fit, together to form a whole 2. to fit (into the main part or group)
Employing multiple, simultaneous marketing tactics is necessary to influence consumers at each step of the universally accepted consumer purchase process. True integrated marketing produces synergy by leveraging multiple points of influence with consumers so that they select and purchase your brand. This "strength in numbers" approach reduces the risk of any one marketing tactic being undermined or neutralised by a competitor, as the consumer progresses through the purchase decision cycle. Often however, an integrated marketing approach is neglected and a purely tactical approach to only one program facet is adopted, leading to questionable ROI.
Knowing and understanding what tactics to employ, and when, is critical to positively influencing consumer purchase decisions. Click below for more information about tactics you can employ as part of an integrated marketing strategy.
Program Summaries
Integrated Marketing 176Kb   Sales Training 96Kb
Sales Promotions 118Kb
Sales Incentives 156Kb   CRM/Loyalty 95Kb
Integrated Marketing
Sales Promotions
Sales Incentives