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The distributed digital home is a reality. Many promotions mediums, including CD and DVD messaging, rely on deployed in situ digital technology to review them. However, we need to have the assets to deploy the different digital mediums, whether it is film, music or pictures or simply data.
Today the majority of the world’s commercial DVD titles are created on Sonic software. Sonic’s consumer products are included on over 50% of the world’s PC-attached DVD and CD recorders, and Sonic’s technology powers DVD creation in products from the world’s leading software companies including Adobe, Microsoft, HP, Sony and many others.
At the beginning of 2005 Sonic acquired Roxio Inc, and its market leading consumer products, thus further enhancing it's dominate position, to deploy digital solutions world wide. Sonic is also a leading company developing technology solutions for the future, further protecting our digital future. Supporting Blu-ray technology is just one example of Sonic forward thinking and executing strategy.
Chimaera Europe as Sonic (Roxio) EMEA Industrial Distributor (including promotional fields) is proud to be able to provide digital asset software solutions in order that consumers can control, view, manipulate and enhance their digital assets. To learn more about Blu-ray go to: Blu-ray.com and see the Blu-ray announcement at Cebit 2005.
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